YouTube sensation Ali Shahalom (bettter known as Ali Official) and comedian Aatif Nawaz are to star in a new sketch show on BBC Three.

The show is written and performed by Ali Shahalom and Aatif Nawaz.

Ali Shahalom is a well known YouTuber and social media star who has garnered millions of views. He picked-up the Best Video Channel Award at the 2018 Asian Media Awards. 

Aatif Nawaz is a stand-up comedian who has featured in whole host of events across the UK.

The pair said, "Getting a head nod from the BBC is an amazing feeling, we’re thrilled to have this opportunity. The process from page to screen has been wonderful. We’ve created Muzlamic in a way that gives people from different walks of life something to laugh at and connect to."

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Image: Desi Central

Shane Allen, controller of BBC comedy, said: ‘Ali and Aatif are funny bones personalities who come up with really sharp ideas and observations that they characterise wonderfully. 

"This format plays to their strengths as prolific creators who knock out really grabby ideas, we’re proud to back them to wider exposure and appeal.’

Chris Sussman, Head of Comedy at BBC Studios, said, "BBC Three has been the launchpad for some of the country's best-loved comedians - and with Ali and Aatif, I think there's a real chance we might be adding a couple of names to an already long and impressive list. 

"They're great writers and even better performers, and we're delighted to have the chance to show them to the world in Muzlamic."

Muzlamic will be shown on BBC iPlayer, BBC One and BBC Three.