THE management of Mr T's restaurant have apologised to police and condemned a small minority of people who threw eggs and a brick at a police car when Tyson Fury visited the restaurant last week.

Global heavyweight boxing superstar Tyson Fury visited the restaurant in Great Horton Road on Friday, meeting members of staff and also trying the restaurant's specially-created Gypsy King milkshake and burger.

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While the vast majority of the hundreds of people who turned out to catch a glimpse of the boxer were in good spirits, a small number decided to attack police by throwing eggs and a brick at a police car, smashing the windscreen and bonnet.

Police had only been called to the scene to assist with traffic flow in Great Horton Road and ensure pedestrian safety.

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Issuing a statement, the management of Mr T's condemned the "disgusting and abhorrent" attack on police.

It said: "On Friday, February 22, we hosted a public and customer event with international boxing superstar Tyson Fury.

"Our intention was to provide our customers and community with a chance to meet the people’s champ at our expense in an organised and relaxing atmosphere.

"We prepared for a large crowd and placed the appropriate measures to be able to handle the crowd. However, due to the overwhelming outcome, West Yorkshire Police also attended to assist with the highway obstruction on Great Horton Road, as the large crowd gathered along the pathway and road.

"Whilst the majority of the crowd attended in high spirits, excited to see the star, there were a few individuals who attempted to spoil this moment.

"A small pocket of young members of the public stood outside took it upon themselves to throw eggs and bricks to soil the marked police car. 

"This was an entirely unprovoked attack against the emergency services who work tirelessly to respond to our community emergencies and keep the Bradford West Community safe.

"We find this behaviour disgusting and abhorrent and is in no way a reflection of what we at Mr T’s stand for.

"We would like to place on record that we deplore the actions of these individuals and wholeheartedly apologise to the West Yorkshire Police team, all our customers and the local community, who we are proud to serve.

"Finally, we unreservedly say sorry to all those fans who turned up but didn't get the opportunity to meet the star which was our aim from the outset. We urge the small number of public who spoil such events, to respect the community and behave sensibly."