The first female Imam in Denmark will be among the speakers at the fourth British Islam Conference.

The event hosted by ‘New Horizons in British Islam’ will take place at the Amnesty International UK headquarters in Shoreditch on 23 and 24 February.

The two-day conference aims to promote ‘mutual collaboration and thinking around the idea of a British Islam to encourage the development of British Muslim thought, identity and culture; as well as creating a space for the development of networks and partnerships’.

Speakers at this year’s conference will include Sherin Khankan, the first female Imam in Denmark, who will be talking about her experience of opening the first women’s led Mosque in Scandinavia and the future of gender equality in Islam.

The Grand Mufti’s of Ghana and Bosnia will also be speaking about Islamophobia and European Islam respectively.

More than 50 other speakers have been lined up for the weekend event to talk on a range of subjects including feminism, Sikh/Muslim relations, #MeToo, being an ‘ex-Muslim’, hijab and hip-hop.

Notable absences in previous years have been organisations such as the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) and MEND. As well as a number of grassroots Muslim organisations.

We asked New Horizons in British Islam if these organisations had been invited to attend.

A spokesperson responded, "New Horizons in British Islam aims to have critical discussions around Muslim identity with anyone who is willing to engage.

"Our annual British Islam Conference is an open and inclusive event.

“Every year we put an open call-out for individuals and organisations to come and speak at it. We have not turned anyone away. We are delighted to say that this year the MCB will be promoting some of their projects at the conference and we welcome their participation."

A full list of speakers can be viewed here

A spokesperson for New Horizons in British Islam added, “The aim of the British Islam Conference is to provide a space for people of all faiths, and none, to come and discuss the idea of a British Islam.

“We want to encourage thought, prompt opinion and collaborate with others around the notion of British Muslim identity and culture.

“As you can see from the huge range of speakers, New Horizons in British Islam is all about enhancing Muslim voices. If you want to add to that discussion, this is an ideal opportunity to be heard.”

A full programme is listed here