Lincoln Seligman’s paintings some of which feature life in rural India are to go display.

Lincoln has an enduring passion for India, finding what he said was 'new inspiration on every journey'.

Last year his exhibition was an exploration of Rajasthan for ‘colour, palaces and flamboyant people, Gujarat for for deserts, fortresses, and displays of textiles.’

A connection with India, and with art, may have been a legacy from his grandmother Hilda, a successful artist and sculptor who lived in the Himalayas.

When living in Wimbledon, Hilda’s closest friends were Mahatma Gandhi, the Emperor of Ethiopia, the revered Haile Selassie. 

This year his show is based on a more idiosyncratic approach, not so much a travelogue, but more time on the ground, in fewer places.

Asian Image: Varanasi at night: 'Evening Puja ceremony, Varanasi, a lot of drums, cymbals, fire and smoke'

He said,  "The people I’ve painted are those I have chosen, considered and analysed in more depth.  I hope this makes the paintings themselves more exciting for the viewer."

Asian Image:

On his latest Indian journey this month  he will spend days in the  Udai Bilas Palace, where his friend the Maharaja of Dungarpar, has invited him to stay, absorb and paint in tranquillity.

The Maharaja, a motor car fanatic,  has collected his series‘ ‘Maharajas at Speed’ which Lincoln describes as ‘fanciful paintings of old cars, transporting hunting parties with a Cheetah on the back seat.’  

Dates: 14th till 30th May 2019
Osborne Studio Gallery
2 Motcomb St, Belgravia, London, SW1X 8JU
Entry: Free admission to the gallery
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