A Salford man has shared an image showing 'No blacks' daubed on his door.

Lawyer Jackson Yamba shared the image on Twitter and said despite calls to police nothing had been done.

He said, "My front door in Salford was painted over a week ago with this abhorrent racist graffiti - after reporting it to @gmpolice they still haven't been here to investigate. How do I assure my traumatised 10 year old that he is safe in his home?."

The outcry from other social media users prompted police to apologise.

Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police Ian Hopkins said, "Jackson, I have only just seen this and can only apologise.

"I have asked the duty Assistant Chief Constable to ensure we visit you and investigate immediately. I have asked for a personal update as to Why we haven't done so to date."

He added, "That is frankly just not good enough. There may have been other issues at the time, but we should have followed up quickly. It's an appalling crime you and your family have suffered."

Paul Jenkins, North West Regional Organiser of Unite Against Fascism(UAF), said, 'Worryingly, we are seeing a number of racist attacks, such as the disgraceful graffiti on this family's Salford home. These attacks are part of a toxic atmosphere in which all forms of racism are being whipped up. They are completely abhorrent and unacceptable."