Mike Haines OBE, founder of Global Acts of Unity has been speaking to students in eight schools across Blackburn as part of a national tour in efforts to tackle extremism.

In 2014, footage was released of the brutal execution of Mike Haines’s brother, British aid worker David Haines. David had been working for an NGO, assisting Syrian refugees when he was captured by Daesh terrorists and senselessly murdered after 18 months of brutal captivity. In an attempt to spread discord and violence, footage was released to the world. 

Now, Mike Haines is undertaking a school tour to share his personal journey and spread a message of unity, tolerance and understanding. 

Harnessing the pain of losing his brother and best friend, Mike has chosen to tackle hatred head-on with his Global Acts of Unity campaign. 

His school talks, and his powerful personal message, help give students the tools they need to tackle hatred and challenge extremism. 

Awarded an OBE last month for his services to tolerance and education, Mike has travelled the world speaking to religious leaders and schools.

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Mike Haines said: “The devastating loss of my brother had a life-changing impact on my family. We continue to feel his loss every day. It has not been an easy path to take, to channel that pain into a powerful, positive force for good. But it has been the right one. 

“Young people are the peacemakers of the future. I look forward to speaking to the students in Ealing. Through ensuring our young people here, and across the country, know how to stand up to hatred we can together tackle extremism wherever we may find it. 

“By standing together, with acceptance and understanding, we will defeat those who seek to divide us.”

To find out more about the Global Acts of Unity campaign, and to access free classroom resources on the issues click here