MANY are quite adamant that they do not wish for Shamima Begum to return to the UK after leaving for Syria four years ago.

She was one of three schoolgirls – along with Kadiza Sultana and Amira Abase – from London who left their homes and families.

She finds herself in a refugee camp in northern Syria where she is now 19 and nine months pregnant. Ms Begum was married 10 days after arriving in Raqqa in 2015 to a Muslim convert.

I agree that if you decide to give up your life and family in the UK and want to go somewhere to fight you should stay there. We should decide not to re-admit people who choose to do this regardless of who they are and what they were fighting for.

I am quite happy with anyone who does not like a particular lifestyle to find a new home somewhere else.

However, this case is a little different due to the age of Shamima Begum when she travelled to Syria. At the age of 15 most people will agree you do not have the life skills nor the knowledge to make up your mind for yourself. So, you are classed as a minor.

And as a minor you are exempt from the same rules that apply to adults. These are the rules we have been governed by and would be used in all other cases.

The tactics used to encourage people to travel to Syria over the past few years seem quite basic to some of us but they were not.

These schoolgirls felt they had a religious duty to go abroad.

The reality was far from this.

The only regret is that even now she feels little remorse for her actions. She should not feel she has a 'right' to return just because she is British.

Our outrage at the suggestion that person should be permitted back into the country is tinged with prejudice. We find it repulsive that someone would leave the country and want to live somewhere that goes against the values of her place of birth.

We feel that people only want to come back to this country to use our resources and when all their options have run out, and this angers us.

So, it was likely that the Government would make a decision based on these preconceptions.

But the fact remains she was a child when she went abroad and for that reason deserves a second chance regardless of where she went and who she went to support.