Here is the first look at Danny Boyle's 'Yesterday' starring Himesh Patel.

With screenplay by Richard Curtis and the film also stars Lilly James and Ed Sheeran.

A young man named Jack Malik (Himesh Patel) has turned his back to a possible career in music, even though best friend Ellie (Lily James) has tried to influence him to give it a chance, but after being hit by a bus after a worldwide power cut, he wakes up the following day finding out that he has lost two of his front teeth. 

After being gifted a guitar and performing the song Yesterday by The Beatles, he finds that he is now in a world where the famous group, nor their songs ever existed. 

Jack takes this as a chance to start his own musical career by plagiarizing the once known songs and becomes one of the most talented musicians of all time. 

While his newfound success has definitely impacted his life in some cases for the better, in other cases it causes the relationships he has built with his friends and family to crumble.

Yesterday will be released in June