Sex. That is the problem with too many men. Not all of them. But most of them. Some of them in our community get married because they want halal, free sex.

When they sleep around before marriage, it is excused, because, well, they are men, innit. And men have been bestowed with sexual urges which can't always be controlled which naturally isn't their fault, because they're men.

If a young man has anger issues, it is recommended he get married to quell those moods. So basically, find a wife that you can have sex on demand with, and hey presto, the man's anger issues are sorted.

At university during a talk I attended, a 'brother' sent a question to the speaker anonymously on a piece of paper.

He was asking for advice on what to do as he felt he needed to relieve himself daily. The well-renowned speaker said (unsurprisingly), "Brother, I advise you to get married."

Which loosely translates as, 'get married to satiate your desires, not because you want to make a life with somebody who you also plan to love and look after and care for.'

I feel that some men who want sex on demand simply manipulate the religion to serve their own purpose.

And that all too prevalent threat- if you can't meet my needs I'll get a second wife.

Some men in our community want to marry a virgin, but then want her to be exciting in bed. That's like asking someone to make a cake with no ingredients.

And after years of marriage, if things become boring and routine, what does he do? Well he will discreetly look elsewhere.

And his peers will not batter an eyelid, because man needs sex.

And if man's wife won't provide exciting sex, he can get sex from elsewhere as long as the man does not break up his nice family home in the meantime. The wife is none the wiser and the man gets his fix.

As long as he gets his fix, life is okay.

Not all men do this. But far too many do this in our community and I feel us women are the ones suffering.

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