A new approach to mindfulness is being launched for Asian women in a bid to encourage self-acceptance.

Zainab Mohiuddin, a qualified Transformational Coach and Practitioner in EFT and Matrix Reimprinting, has created Mindful Mehndi, an initiative she says is required in the community.

Zainab said, “I believe that there’s a massive need within the Asian community to explore concepts like self-acceptance and mindfulness.

"A lot of the time we grow up learning to cover up our emotions, accept values without questioning them and be extremely critical and judgmental of ourselves.

"This leads to bottled up feelings of anger, guilt and resentment, which is not good for our bodies or souls. I am inspired to change this status quo.

“I feel that Asian people resist self-development, because they don’t want people to think they are ‘oppressed’ or don’t want to shame their families by giving the impression that they need help.

"But really, this is all part of health, wellness and being human.

“Often, we attend Mehndis (ceremonies before weddings) and there is this atmosphere of judgment; ‘what is she wearing?’ or ‘her daughter is not getting married,’ etc. I want to turn this around by making a Mindful Mehndi –all about self-acceptance.”

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Mindful Mehndi will allow women to experience a fresh sense of self and appreciation for who they are.

Attendees will take home deep tools which they can use every day to master their mindset and express emotions.

Zainab said the ‘community spirit’ will be an uplifting feeling with the women gaining a sense of solidarity.

“The day will be epic and full of breakthroughs! It will include visualising emotions, something we don’t usually do, because we want to run away from them.

“I will lead the group in something called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) which is a great way of reducing the intensity of emotions.

“We will also explore anger release techniques and ways of using movement, breath and sound to release trapped feelings.

“We will go through ways of challenging beliefs that hold us back in life, the importance of the language we use and end with ecstatic dance.

“Ecstatic dance allows your body to feel the music and respond, rather than thinking about the music with your mind.

"So, you aren’t constantly worrying about what move you’ll do next or whether people think you’ll look silly, which is normally what happens in Mehndi’s.

“Everyone is being vulnerable at the same time.

"Being able to use your body and senses in this way gives a huge feeling of release and joy. Ecstatic dance enables us to be comfortable with the uncomfortable – which is really important in life!”

The Mindful Mehndi will be held at Holdspace, Risinghill Street, London, N1 9SY on Sunday 24th March from 11am-5pm. Early bird tickets are still available for a one-time only price of £22.

Tickets can be purchased here