A poll by a matchmaking App claims 89% of British Muslims celebrate Valentine's Day in some way or form.

The snap survey by SingleMuslim.com found that of the 6,596 respondents, 92% of Muslim women mark the date as special with two-thirds of Muslim men reporting that they would spend over £50 on their loved one.

Founder Adeem Younis, said: “The survey results are a far cry from the stereotypes of angry, heartless Muslims. Love is the foundation of our faith and Valentine’s Day is a perfect excuse for people of all faiths and backgrounds to express their love.

"In Islam, marriage is considered half of your faith.

"Our tradition is littered with stories of love and romance that are a daily inspiration to millions of British Muslims and Valentine's Day serves as a great reminder for us to bring these stories to life.

"To this effect, we've launched a campaign this year celebrating #MuslimLove, reminding people to look past the commercial clatter that surrounds Valentine's Day and instead make use of this day to inspire and elevate our relationships every single day."