A WEDDING venue in the town centre will offer happy couples the full package by selling dresses, outfits and suits as well as decorations and gifts for guests.

The Excellency Centre in Carlton Street plans to expand the success of its business by selling wedding-related goods, promising to be the first of its kind in the UK.

The company wants to convert the adjacent Bridgeman Place Works to a shop and cafe which offers "bespoke" wedding goods to its existing clientele.

It also wants to create a general store selling Asian foodstuffs on its ground floor.

A planning application to use the former warehouse as a retail and cafe site was submitted to the council in December and approved on Monday.

It said: "The proposed change of use at the Bridgeman Works will provide Britain's first multi-cultural specialised wedding centre, with all the necessities for weddings under one roof."

The development must begin within three years before permission expires.