Tez Ilyas will be hosting a new satirical show on Channel 4 it has been announced.

The Tez O'Clock Show to air at 11pm is described as a 'Fusion of silly and subversive sketches and smart studio items cut together in a unique rapid style style that drags satire from the smarmy, stuffy, smug elite and packages it in a way that suits the frenetic fast paced world of 2019.'

The show is set to air in the summer.

Tez posted, "OMA! This is proper surreal man.

"Thank you Channel 4 for this massive opportunity to follow in the footsteps of giants. Mama! We did it mama!.

"I'm itching to get started. I hope you are ready for my silly, smart and subversive take on the world.

"Seriously though...you don't understand. this is the show I've always dreamed of doing (after Blue Peter)"

Tez who will be seen in the upcoming Man Like Mobeen next week (BBC Three) has also presented his own programme on Radio 4.

His Comedy Blap for Channel 4 entitled 'Bounty', set in his home town of Blackburn has been viewed thousands of times online.