There can be no better combination than when culinary expertise and passion collide to create a decadent dining experience. 

It is therefore not surprising that Asha’s in Manchester, has been awarded numerous accolades in recognition of the exquisite cuisine and impeccable service they offer. 
More recently, Asha’s has been listed in the prestigious Michelin Guide2018; to gain such recognition within two years of opening is quite a feat.

The inception of the Asha chain occurred 15 years ago by the iconic Asha Bhosle, who has not only captivated the masses through her legendary voice but is now enticing food lovers with the alchemy of her cuisine. 

Having personally influenced the design of the dishes, Asha has created a culinary delight with an infusion of delicately blended spice combinations that bring another dimension to traditional Indian cuisine.

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Upon arrival, you can expect to be seated in an opulent dining room, where an ambient atmosphere is created by the dim lighting encompassing a modern, contemporary décor with bursts of traditional elegance. 

This unique dining experience not only tantalises the taste buds but entrances the diner with aesthetically pleasing sophistication on a plate. 

Let’s begin this journey with the humble poppadum – served with sauces that induce an array of sensations that are fresh, tangy, sweet and spicy. 

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The Murgh Malai Kebab ignites the taste buds with a balanced blend of spices and a hint of cardamom, encapsulating pieces of succulent chicken breast that is cooked to perfection – most definitely a firm favourite.

The Scottish Salmon Tikka, another divinely, desirable starter, cooked in a tandoor, melodiously, melts in the mouth. 

Moving onto the mains, where as well as classic curries, creativity can be explored through tender boneless meat dishes such as: the Muscat Gosht and Kodi Curry – both of which are accompanied beautifully with a traditional Rumali Roti. 

However, the creamy Daal Makhni is one that cannot be forgotten – each buttery morsel consumed, leaves an intoxicating sensation in the mouth.

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And the final part of this culinary journey ends with a traditional dessert platter; gulab jamum, rasmalai and pistachio kulfi. 

This divinely, delicious trio is fused with a contemporary twist, which has to be experienced. 

To complement this culinary delight, a glass of Summer Rose Spritz delicately refreshes the palette – with floral notes and an aromatic blend curated by Seedlip – the world’s first distilled, non-alcoholic spirits.

With such an outstanding dining experience, one can expect to pay more than the standard restaurant but such is expected when every aspect oozes the highest quality. 

For an unfaltering, dining experience that will leave your taste buds exhilarated, visit Asha’s. 

One of only two in the UK - this is most definitely, one, where a special trip is warranted. 

Asha’s Restaurant is based on 47 Peter St, Manchester M2 3NG. For further information call 0161 832 5309.