A KIND-HEARTED solicitor has donated the final £4,000 needed to bring a 17-year-old's body back to the UK from Thailand.

Harris Solicitor's Tariq Khan donated the money to Anthony Ryan's family after the teen died in Thailand last week.

The teenager, from Holme Wood, did not have travel insurance and his body would not have been repatriated until £8,000 had been raised.

A huge fundraising effort set up shortly after Anthony died in a motorbike crash had already seen £4,000 donated, but Mr Khan said he was moved by the story and was eager to help out.

"I was really upset about what happened," he said.

"I saw the story and said 'I have to do something to get this boy back home.'

"It brought tears to my eyes and I thought I had to reach out.

"We had a boy who is really young and has gone abroad with the intention of returning and unfortunately he has had a tragic accident.

"I don't know Anthony or his family, but I know people in the Holme Wood community and I wanted to get the money together.

"Bradford sometimes lacks a togetherness and we need to help each other out.

"I'm not having him in another country - I wanted him to come home."

The former pupil at Tong High School and Oastlers School, who recently moved to Cornwall to start work as a labourer, was planning to start a college course.

He used to live with Kelly Calvert in Holme Wood and she spearheaded the fundraising efforts.

She added: "It's amazing that someone who doesn't know him has helped out.

"We are still going to carry on with the fundraising.

"There's going to be a funeral and we want to give him the best send off possible."

The process of getting Anthony's body back to the UK is now underway and his family expect it to be flown from Bangkok to Manchester Airport later this week.

Meanwhile, Lyndsey Brown, headteacher at Oastlers School, paid tribute to her former pupil.

She said: “Anthony was a pupil of Oastlers School, where he will be much mourned and missed by his friends and staff at the school.

“Oastlers School was very proud of Anthony who was a much valued member of our community.

“He was a fabulous young man, a gifted sportsman. He was very much cared about at school."