A 28-year-old man has described being possessed by an evil spirit and how he is ‘much happier’ after the Jinn was ‘forced from his body’.

Nadeem Arif of Nelson says he wanted to share his four-year experience with people in the hope it would help others with similar problems. He describes how the jinn took over his body and how he fought for years to rid the ‘menace’ which had caused him and his family a great deal of pain.

Nadeem says he was twenty-four when he says he became possessed by a ‘jinn’.

A jinn is described as a supernatural creature in Islam who is said sometimes to possess a human being. Many believe there can be 'good and evil jinns'. Some describe them as demons but in Islam Jinns are existential beings who live out their lives in families – ‘hidden from the world of humans’.

In Nadeem’s case he senses that somebody conducted black magic on him and this led to a jinn possessing him.

Nadeem told us, “I was 24 at the time and newly married and somebody did black magic on me.

“I had got married in 2013 and I think they wanted me to fight with my wife.

“On December 1 my whole personality changed.

“I went to the doctor and they could not fix anything. I would get stomach pains, had blood in my urine and I would argue a lot.

“They put a camera inside me too. But nothing came of it.”

Nadeem says the Jinn was affecting him a lot.

“I was fighting a lot and police were called to our house.

“I could feel someone was inside me. I fainted a lot.

“I used to make sounds and I remember wanting to eat a lot of ghosht (lamb meat) and chicken.

“Immediately after eating I would get hungry again.”

Nadeem thinks that the Jinn was taking an extra burden on his body that is why he was feeling like this.

He said, “The Jinn was in my dream and told me I am here to mess up your life. I am not going to let you go. They would come in the form of snake and chase you.”

Nadeem then turned to exorcists or in Islamic culture people who conduct Ruqyahs.

He says was visited by a man at his house where the exorcism took place.

In the video Nadeem is seen on a sofa and shouts which he says was the jinn.

“This is the first video October 2014. I ended up paying £500 for this session at my house in Nelson.

“My uncle and two older brothers were in the room.

“I was told that I must pay the money up front and then I would also get free cupping (alternative medicine in which a therapist puts special cups on your skin).

“Then in a second and third session with another man in Derby they put oil in my nose.

“He put oil in my nose and then I choked on it. The jinns hate olive oil you see.

“He gave me a senna leaf to have a shower with it. He said I should have a treatment with that for seven days.

“Then when we went for the third time to Derby they said I had mental health issues and I should go to a hospital.”

Nadeem left and says he was later questioned by police after the man conducting the Ruqyah accused him of harassment (not any of the men in the videos) which he refutes and says, “It was me who was being hit and being argued with.”

All charges against Nadeem were dropped in 2015.

He says after the bad experience in the UK he left for Pakistan in April of last year.

Asian Image:

Here is Nadeem pictured in Pakistan. He says he had lost weight but got better.

He headed to Muree (North Pakistan) and the exorcism was conducted free of charge.

In the video (main video above) filmed in Pakistan he can be seen lying on the ground and a voice speaks out as a holy man conducts the exorcism.

Nadeem again speaks in a deep voice and reacts to the prayers being said.

“This was when the jinn eventually left my body,” said Nadeem.

“My whole body was in pain after April. You can see the jinn coming out from my left arm.”

Through his four-year journey he says people doubted him.

“It has been a horrible experience for me but I did try everything.

“I feel a lot better now and have put on a little bit of weight. I am a lot happier now.”