The Pakistan Tehreek-E-Insaf (PTI) North West branch has been accused of not taking allegations of sexual harassment seriously enough.

Shahnaz Siddique of Burnley has been a high-profile figure in PTI UK and has held a number of positions.

She said, “I am dissatisfied with certain senior position holders with PTI UK who did not take my complaints seriously.

“However, I have been assured by the leadership in Pakistan that this will be fully investigated so it does not happen again to anyone else.”

She has confirmed she has made official complaints with the police over the past year.

The most recent complaint was made on 31 December 2018 and police have confirmed they received ‘a report of malicious communications relating to a comment on social media.’

The matter was investigated and no further action was taken at this time.

Police have also confirmed they received a report of harassment on 29 December 2017. The matter was investigated and a person was cautioned in relation to that incident.

In December 2018, following the arrival of Asad Qaisar, National Assembly Speaker of Pakistan, rival factions within PTI turned up to receive the official, but a melee ensued with different factions wanting to greet and host the speaker.

In the video which shows Shahnaz, people are seen shoving each other, with a bemused speaker powerless to prevent it.

The complaint to the police is unrelated to the incidents at the airport.

PTI member, Naem Chohan, said, "I was sickened to see how all this has played out and Shahnaz, who has been one of the key figures in the party has been disgracefully treated."

The party have subsequently revoked her membership and that of her co-colleague Mohammed Imran from the party.

On December 28 2018, Shahnaz Siddique hosted a press conference which was attended by Pakistani media where she alleged the party was not dealing with sexual harassment complaints.

The executive of the PTI UK (North West) also hosted a press conference in the aftermath and rebuked allegations that they were not doing enough.

They also spoke of the incident at the airport.

Adeel Saleem, another party member said, "It is common knowledge that harassment claims were made back in October 2017 within the party and a memo was issued to all PTI Hard Workers members advising of ‘unacceptable behaviour' towards Shahnaz and the party would not tolerate such behaviour.

“Instead of victimising the victim, they should take stern action and address the issue.”

Shaukat Hussain, a Blackburn with Darwen Councillor added, "PTI Pakistan need to act quicky to address the harrassment allegations as it's very serous and if as alleged the officers have turned a blind eye, they need to be dealt with. We won't accept victamising women in this day and age."

The Pakistan Tehreek-E-Insaaf UK have been approached for comment and said they would not discuss their ongoing investigation.