AN INDIAN restaurant is backing the LGBT community and launching a project to feed the homeless in the city.

Balti Mahal, a family run restaurant in Astwood Road, Worcester, will be creating the project ‘Local Love’ which aims to support individuals and create a welcoming environment for those who feel vulnerable.

Mazedul Hasan Shakil from Balti Mahal said: “We need to work together in the community and tackle homelessness.

“It is our main goal to help the homeless and encourage individuals to visit us in a safe environment.”

Balti Mahal will allow people living on the streets to attend organised events in which a buffet spread will be available to feed the homeless in Worcester.

As well as supporting rough sleepers, the Indian restaurant intends to act as a hub to promote members of the LGBT community to host their meetings and plan for this year’s Worcestershire Pride.

Mr Shakil said: “There are no Indian restaurants that I am aware of in Worcestershire that supports the LGBT community.

“It is a taboo subject in the Asian community – I believe they claim it is wrong to be gay.

“We would like to share our support and allow people to embrace who they are. It is unfair how we can do what we want, however some people must hide their identity to remain protected. Some people cannot express who they are and be themselves.”

The restaurant aims to be involved with Worcestershire Pride and claims it will support LGBT events which will be held in the city.

Mr Shakil added: “We plan on setting up a society for people and the Asian community to understand the gay culture.

“I think it is important we work together to support the less fortunate and those who have no voice. As a society we disregard people who are poor and take for granted the roof over our heads and the easy access to food.

“A key aspect of Local Love is to host meetings, charity events and to feed the homeless.”