From New York City to Venom - these are unique designs by talented 18-year-old face and body artist Mariah Malik.

Mariah of Coventry posts her quirky creations on social media and says she is inspired by her travels or by major movies.

Her most recent post featured the Netflix hit 'Bird Box'.

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She told us, “The art takes around 7-12 hours which I do during the night, and the most difficult one I've done before is the New York City, to capture all lights and scenes over the buildings.

“Each design I pick is either a movie I'm inspired by or holidays I've been on. Some are fantasy animals with backgrounds.”

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Mariah only started producing face art two years ago. “My first creations were little cartoon characters such as SpongeBob and the Tellytubbies.

“The response I've had from my followers is crazy. So many positive people pushing me to go further and supporting each post. I've had a few negative ones purely because they don't understand the reason why I do it.”

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Mariah says this design of New York City was the most difficult to do and (below) a design inspired by the movie Venom. (All images copyright: @Miamalikx1)

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She added, “I wouldn't say my looks are unusual, more like unique. The craziest look I've done is the venom body art and creating 3D stuff such as the tongue and teeth using clay, freezing and painting it.

“I'd say to any young artist to keep going if you truly have a passion for it. Never let anyone stop you from your determination and goals.”

You can view more of Mariah's creations on Twitter here @Miamalikx1