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Here is my recent experience with @Monacomedspa and Dr Sidra Jana where I attended for my radiance blue face peel with @obagiuk. 

Now this wasn't as scary as it sounds!

I’d always been put off by the idea of having a peel, purely because I had seen various images of snake-like-skin shedding off the face and that petrified me.

Despite being less invasive, my peel was carried out by a medical Doctor, a big plus in my books.

You don't need a license to carry out this particular treatment but I would definitely suggest doing your research and going to a medical professional for it. 

The clinician should initially assess your skin and draw up an appropriate treatment protocol which is specifically designed depending on your skin’s concern.

What happened...

There are two types of skin peels. I had the less invasive, superficial peel called Blue Peel Radiance.

It's the TCA peel that penetrates the skin to a much deeper level and can cause shedding of the skin. 

After a full consultation, I was asked to lie down on a treatment couch where I was taken through each stage step by step.

I’d say the most uncomfortable part is straight after when the skin has been cleansed and the active solution has been applied. (this consists of a salicylic, glycolic and a lactic acid blend) .

This does smell quite strong and feels tingly and a bit hot on the skin, however this discomfort soon passes and for me it was manageable and this can vary person to person. Just remember to breath through your mouth as it quite whiffy.

After the peel, my skin did look and feel plump, smoother and rejuvenated and I can see why celebs do it before the red carpet, as it provides that perfect canvas for makeup application for a special event. 

This would be great for brides for that extra flawless skin! Its’ main claims are that it can help you combat hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, age spots, acne break out, skin texture, fine lines and wrinkles.

My skin a few days later has felt a little tight, but nothing drastic which I am told is completely normal and in fact optimum results are straight after the peel and a few days later. 

Why have a peel?

Our skin is the body’s largest organ. Both internal and external factors affect our skin. The worse enemy to our skin is sun light. This is what we see in the mirror as a sun spots, pigmentation, freckles and age spots. 

You will be shocked to know that it is not just the outside light which causes oxidative stress to our skin but also the release of free radicals which are also very harmful.

Artificial light in our homes and TV screens, phone screens etc. can cause damage to our skin and make us age prematurely – revolutionary right? My thoughts exactly. Who would have thought that your everyday technology plays a part in damaging your skin?

Before and after pictures

Asian Image:

Asian Image:

Why is light so harmful to our skin? 

UVA light damages collagen and elastin which are important building blocks of the skin. There are layers and layers of skin cells which constantly renew and travel up during our life. 

This process however slows down as we age and the turnover and renewal of the cells becomes less and less active.

So how can we defend ourselves against ageing?

Asian Image:

The biggest culprit is the sun. Simple. Take a look at this lorry drivers face.

The side most wrinkly is close to the window and has more exposure to the sun. You can clearly see the ageing process has been accelerated on this side. This goes to show that you should be using a sunscreen every single day regardless of whether it’s sunny or raining.

According to Dr Jana, the skin doesn't actually need a lot of products.

All you need is SPF factor (to protect against sun damage) vitamin A (to stimulate fibroblasts and increase skins turn over) and vitamin C (which has an anti-inflammatory effect and fights free radicals).  

For more information, prices and treatments, please contact Dr Jana at Monaco Medspa on 0161 871 7452. Quote Fatimah for 20% off treatment plans.

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