A piece of racist graffiti has been virtually tagged in a way that has triggered an outpouring of goodwill.

Last week someone painted the words 'Speak English' in large letters on several different walls across Walthamstow.

The graffiti prompted anger online led by Stella Creasy MP who posted on Instagram that said the "sad sack" responsible was not welcome in the area.

It also inspired digital designer Chris Walker to mock up his own version of the graffiti on Photoshop.

The new image reads: "We speak English Panjabi (sic) English Polish Bulgarian Bengali French Lithuanian Urdu Romanian Turkish Tamil Cockney".

Posting the photo on Twitter Mr Walker wrote: "I can only assume our local 'artist' was spooked before he could finish his masterpiece. Allow me to finish it for you. #Lovewalthamstow"

Aside from the slight misspelling of 'Punjabi' - which Mr Walker said was taken directly from the council's website - the image proved hugely popular online.

One user wrote: "Thank you for finishing it, I saw it the other day, and I much prefer your version of it."

Another added: "Ah man, I feel like popping down and adding some other scripts (Arabic, Farsi etc) for extra oomph."

On Sunday the Queens Boundary Community hosted an event at Thomas Gamuel Park in a bid to show solidarity against racism.

In an attempt to "reclaim the neighbourhood", 6000 crocus bulbs were planted which will blossom in the spring.