Muslim and Jewish female students from across the UK came together on the first day of Hanukkah to celebrate shared values.

Organised in conjunction with Bristol Student’s Union, the event aimed to challenge misconceptions.

The keynote speech was Remona Aly who spoke about her journey as a Muslim woman. She was joined by Nisa-Nashim co-founders Laura Marks OBE and Julie Siddiqi who spoke on Islamophobia and Anti-Semitism.

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Sally Patterson said: “Young Jewish and Muslim women have a key part to play in the future of our communities and in wider society.  Our similarities outweigh our differences and it is now time for us to step up and shape a kinder, more inclusive, positive future.  This conference, and on-going partnerships, is part of this agenda.”

Laura Marks and Julie Siddiqi said:  “We left the conference filled with hope and renewed energy.  These leaders of the future showed that by working on common causes, maybe we really can heal the so often seen divisions between Jews and Muslims. We need more of this work.”

Misbah Rehman from Peterborough said: “As a woman of Muslim identity this event has been very inspiring in encouraging Muslim Jewish integration within our communities.  It’s also uplifting knowing that there are resources to help our communities in fighting Islamophobia and Antisemitism.”

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Ania Gordon from Bristol said: “I met so many inspiring women who are each ambassadors for their faith in such positive ways.  We need to be less insular to see we have so much in common as women of faith.”

Nisa-Nashim aims to bring Jewish and Muslim communities in Britain closer together by setting up groups of women who build personal friendships, grow as leaders and benefit wider society through our programmes and initiatives.