A procession visited six different places of worship for an annual interfaith pilgrimage.

On a sunny Sunday afternoon in November, people gathered for a tour around Watford recognising and celebrating all of the faiths that are integrated within the town.

They began at Watford and District Synagogue, on the same day as Mitzvah Day, an annual event of social volunteering.

People were welcomed with Kosher refreshments while Rabbi Levine paid tribute to those who lost their lives at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh.

The party then moved on to the Central Mosque where they were greeted by Imam Saleem and two worshippers, who demonstrated the call to prayer and prayer positions.

A short walk to them next to the Velmurugan Temple. Mr Srimohan and his son spoke about three billion Hindu gods before for the first time, the Al-Zahra Centre Shia Mosque welcomed visitors.

A trip to the Holy Rood Roman Catholic Church was the penultimate visit where Reverend Neville Dyckhof told the story of how the church was built.

The final stop was at the Gurdwara Sri Guru Singha Sabha in the centre of Watford where they was an opportunity to learn about Sikhism before they were given a hot meal.

The day was organised by the Watford Interfaith Association.