Few restaurants in the North West can claim to have been the pioneers of the halal steak.  Sizzling Palate in Bolton may well be able to boast just that. 

In recent years there has been a huge growth in restaurants and takeaways offering us Asian style steaks or ‘sizzlers’.

Many have looked to cater for those diners who want something slightly different from the traditional ‘curry and naan’ servings.

The Curry Mile was a favourite haunt of ours in the nineties and then at the turn of the century we discovered Sizzling Palate. 

At the time there was a quiet revolution going on locally in terms of Asian cuisine and this restaurant brought us fusion food for the first time. It had the Asian spices we love so much but served in a new modern diner way.

Asian Image:

Asian Image:

Ever since, Sizzling Palate has been serving up these unique dishes to hundreds of customers a week.

Whilst the menu does serve up a range of starters and even curries - it is the steaks that has helped to place Sizzling Palate in a league of its own.

The ‘Sizzlers’ are cooked in individual serving palates and brought straight to the table fresh from the cooker.

The chicken, lamb and beef mix continues to be a firm favourite.

These come with the restaurant’s legendary sauces alongside noodles or pasta. 

Yes, we agree that the dish can look like a mish-mash at times of vegetables, meat and pasta but do we honestly care? 

Asian Image:

Asian Image:

Do we also frown at anyone who then decides to order a fried egg to top to what is already a small mountain of food?

And does it matter that it can be quite busy at times?

We don’t want things to change. The restaurant has over the years had a little bit of a makeover.

But we are glad the ‘Sizzler’ which has been replicated elsewhere in other restaurants remains quintessentially a Sizzling Palate invention.

There may well be other restaurants who offer similar dishes but we all know they aren’t quite like the ones served up here.

Sizzling Palate is based on Bradshawgate in Bolton.