A campaign to celebrate extraordinary women has seen Manchester’s Dr Robina Shah MBE JP DL CPsychol. FRCGP(Hon) SFHEA honoured with a statue of herself.

The #putherforward project is an artwork by Non Zero One that recognises living women who have done remarkable things to positively impact the people around them.

The project, supported by players of People's Postcode Lottery, aimed to create twenty-five new statues of living women. According to a report into public monuments, of the 925 statues that dot the UK’s streets, parks and countryside, just 158 are women.

Robina said she was 'privileged' and 'humbled' to be a part of the #putherforward campaign adding that more statues of women in the UK will 'inspire the next generation of girls and young women.'

Dr Shah’s statue was unveiled in St Peter’s Square outside Manchester Central Library in September.

She said, "I feel so incredibly privileged and humbled to share this amazing honour with so many exceptional and inspiring women.

"I really hope that the NonZeroOne project will motivate and encourage many more women and young girls to come forward and be acknowledged for the valuable contribution that they make to our society in so many ways” 

Dr Robina Shah was the UK's youngest and first Asian Chairman of an NHS Foundation Trust, the youngest Deputy Lieutenant for Greater Manchester when she was appointed in 2006 and the first Asian woman to be personally appointed by the Queen as High Sheriff for Greater Manchester.

Robina has been hailed as someone who has shattered stereotypes from an early age.

Dr Shah, from Stockport has held several national leadership roles across the public sector and has worked in the NHS and medical education for over 20 years, throughout her life she has championed the voice of young people and engaged with all members of society with humility, care and compassion. 

She was 'honoured' to be appointed High Sherriff for Greater Manchester earlier this year. The Office of High Sheriff is a year-long independent non-political Royal appointment. As The Queen’s representative and Ceremonial Head of the Judiciary,

The High Sheriff’s central role is to support the Crowns Judiciary and also support the police, emergency services, probation, prison services and voluntary sector organisations.

Dr Shah, is a Chartered Consultant Psychologist, a graduate of the University of Manchester and a Senior Lecturer at the institute. She is an Honorary Fellow of the Royal College of General Practitioners and Fellow Member of the Royal Society of Medicine Open Section Council.

Robina is a prolific author and has written numerous books and academic papers in her area of specialist interest, including learning disability, psychosocial medicine and disability hate crime. 

She was the first person known to publish work addressing attitudes within the South Asian community towards children with special needs.

Asian Image:

In this ground breaking book published in 1992, “The silent minority: children with disabilities in Asian families,” Robina says service providers needed to work together more constructively with parents to dispel misconceptions about special needs.

"The 1989 Children Act states very clearly the need to identify the importance and inter-play of race, religion, culture and language in assessing the needs of the child.
Findings from her book still resonate today and not just with South Asian families but across the spectrum of the UK’s diverse population. 

"Asian parents who do experience language difficulties are far more vulnerable in the maze of medical diagnosis.

"How can they provide an informed opinion about the medical and educational assessment of their child if they do not fully understand the diagnosis?"