When it comes to traditional food you would have to travel far and wide to find something as authentic as this.

I think we as a community have lost our way a little when it comes to great meals - not only how we make the food but how we serve it.

Much of this has come from our new-found fascination to be drawn to the glamorous seating and menus that say a lot but deliver very little. I agree this was always going to happen.

We wanted better restaurants with better seating interiors serving a range of curries and starters. We wanted them presented in fancy ways so we could Snapchat them to our friends to show them what a wonderful evening we were having - even when we weren’t.

And then we have places like Sultan. This legendary place based on Whalley Range may not be your first stop on a Saturday night but it should be.

They cook several curries fresh and serve them with rotees. Well, they are actually larger than normal rotee sizes but the secret is that they are fresh.

If you choose to eat-in you get your dish in a basic white plate and you can sit on the simple chairs and that is it. Or you could have two rotees and one salan dish (chapati and curry) to take out within seconds of walking in.

I visited Sultan after several years and I realised I had in fact missed this. It was very much like coming home again. I admit I even got emotional at one stage.

I had missed going back to basics and eating some great tasting food served in a plate and paying only £3.50 for the pleasure.

The conversation with the owner led me back to a time when life was all about the salan and rotee and not about how great the new chandelier looked or how much the leather chairs cost.

Here, was a place that was not only serving up some great curries but doing the community a grand service. It was in fact keeping that tradition alive which many of us were brought up with.

In an age where we are obsessed with the new, I am glad to say in our midst we have a place that is sticking to those principles that made us first venture out for a curry in the first place.

Life is simple. Food should be simple. So, next time you drive along Whalley Range…stop at the Sultan - the undisputed king of the curry awaits.

Sultan Sweet Centre, Blackburn, 47 Whalley Range, Blackburn BB1 6EA - 01254 697769