A LITTLE girl who died after a tragic road accident in Cippenham only months after coming to England from Afghanistan has been described as 'kind, caring and friendly' by her heartbroken family.

Daljit Kaur Khalsa, six, died following the accident which happened as she crossed Cippenham Lane on October 26.

She was born in Afghanistan and moved to the UK on January - coming to Slough on September 1 to attend Cippenham Primary School.

She leaves her parents, sister, grandparents, as well as an uncle and aunt and their two sons.

Her immediate family Jaspir, Rakhi and Jagjit put out a statement this week, saying: "Daljit was very kind, caring and friendly. She made many friends at her school and was very passionate about studying.

“She enjoyed learning the English alphabet the most and wanted to learn the language very quickly.

“Her favourite poem was ‘Johnny Johnny, Yes Papa’ and her favourite cartoon was ‘Masha and the Bear.’

“Whenever we eat chips and eggs we always remember her because it was her favourite dish.

“Daljit enjoyed playing with the ball in the park and was very fond of going on funfair rides.

“We will always remember our daughter and she will forever be in our hearts.”