A MAN was left with horrific injuries when he was attacked with a fearsome spiked hammer as part of a long-running family feud, Bradford Crown Court heard.

Waqar Parvez gouged his victim’s arm with the weapon and wounded him on the head when violence flared in a busy shop at 10.15pm on August 28 last year.

Parvez, 35, of Higher Downs, Fairweather Green, Bradford, was jailed for six years yesterday after pleading guilty to wounding Sufyan Saleem with intent to do him grievous bodily harm and possession of a hammer as an offensive weapon.

Prosecutor Stephen Wood said Parvez set about Mr Saleem in a ferocious attack in the Bismillah Mini Mart in Upper Woodlands Road, just of Toller Lane, Bradford.

Parvez took the hammer multi-tool from his car after an argument broke out in the store between his wife and Mr Saleem.

The court heard that Mr Saleem’s relatives had taken it badly when Parvez’s wife married him for love instead of choosing the bridegroom they had lined up for her.

Parvez blamed members of her extended family for abducting, imprisoning and beating him more than ten years ago, leaving him with injuries that laid him up for six months.

Mr Wood said that Mr Saleem was in the mini mart that night to buy cigarettes.

Parvez’s wife had an angry confrontation with him in the store for which she was later cautioned by the police.

Parvez got the hammer from his car and took it into the mini mart.

He was swearing and he shouted at Mr Saleem: “I will kill you; you don’t know me, I will kill you.”

Parvez beckoned Mr Saleem outside but he pulled out his phone to call the police.

At this point, Parvez took the hammer from behind his back and attacked Mr Saleem.

He went for his head but the weapon struck his left arm when he put it up to defend himself.

Parvez then threw several punches at Mr Saleem who snatched the hammer from him in the struggle.

Parvez and his wife then left the scene.

Mr Saleem’s arm was pierced by the hammer.

His shirt was ripped and he was bleeding heavily.

He had suffered a five inch “bursting” wound just above his left elbow and a wound to his left temple.

His arm was stitched under general anaesthetic, with the surgeon noting damage to the deeper tricep muscle.

A victim personal statement made by Mr Saleem in May this year said the arm was still numb and he needed help to wash and dress.

Mr Wood said that Parvez was known by five different aliases and his criminal record included 14 convictions for 29 offences.

In 2002, he was sent to a young offender institution for four and a half years after taking part in the Bradford Riots. He had since been locked up for supplying drugs, dishonesty and driving offences. He was last before a court in 2013 for possession of heroin.

Parvez’ barrister, Nick Worsley, said the family feud had died down a bit in recent years but it flared up again in a row over dowries and family gold.

Mr Saleem was aggressive and offensive when he met Mrs Parvez by chance at a cash point near the mini mart.

A heated argument began in the shop and Mrs Parvez slapped Mr Saleem across the face.

Parvez feared trouble and foolishly took the hammer from his car.

“He tried to calm things down but he was prepared for the worst,” Mr Worsley said.

He knew his behaviour was completely unacceptable and he was very sorry.

The court heard that Parvez was in very poor health. He was covered in scars because he collapsed during seizures and injured himself. He suffered with epilepsy and he was in remission from cancer.

The Recorder of Bradford, Judge Jonathan Durham Hall QC, said Parvez’ marriage was very successful and he was a model father to his three children.

Ten years ago, he had been abducted and grievously beaten and that had heightened his sensitivity when he had feared he was under threat.

“You responded in a particularly dangerous and vicious way. You took a fearsome tool, a hammer with spikes and sharp edges to it.

“The ferocity and the speed with which you responded does cause considerable concern,” Judge Durham Hall said.