I earn more money than my husband. Why should I be ashamed of it?

I have a good degree and have spent years working my way up to this position.

My husband is embarrassed by this and his parents have told him not to let anyone know about this.

He feels emasculated by me having a bigger salary.

He tells family and friends that my job is a 'hobby' just to make himself look more manly.

Now we are discussing having a family.

In my opinion, I would prefer him to stop working if we have a baby so he can look after the child instead of forking out for childcare.

He has agreed to this but said we can't admit this to anybody, not even his parents.

He wants us to live a big lie and pretend we have hired a nanny all because he thinks me working and him staying home will attack his manhood.

Stay-at-home dads are not unusual nowadays, but in our culture they seem to be a sign of failure.

What shocks me is that my husband has lived all his life here, but his mindset is stuck back in his parents village.

Every day I am fighting a cultural battle at home, all because I want a career.

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