A KEIGHLEY man who made a film about drug dealers preying on children said he has been targeted by a relentless campaign of abuse, intimidation and criminal damage.

Highfield resident Sabir Hussain, also known as Saby Khan, said thugs angered at the stand he has taken against their behaviour, turned up outside his home brandishing knives, repeatedly attacked cars owned by his family and even mugged his 14-year-old son.

Mr Hussain, a married father of four, said the offences had been going on since April, and have left him and his family feeling frightened and isolated.

"It's an absolute disgrace," he said. "My daughter-in-law is pregnant and she has been crying all night. It's very traumatic and upsetting.

"I've never experienced anything like this before and I want to make everyone aware of what's going on.

"All I've done is to show the reality of what's happening with drug dealing. I've a right to expose what these people are doing."

Mr Hussain, who is a music and entertainments promoter, worked with his three sons to make the drugs awareness short film earlier this year. It was shot at Devonshire Park, Redcar Tarn, and off Fell Lane, Keighley.

The production has since been selected for the international Yonkers Film Festival, which takes place near New York in November.

Mr Hussain said even while the film was being made, he was starting to come under attack. One of his car's windows was shattered while parked outside his house in April.

He said shortly afterwards his wife's car was deliberately rammed in Belgrave Road, Keighley, while she visited a nearby shop.

He added his youngest son was assaulted and had his mobile phone stolen in yet another incident.

Mr Hussain said matters worsened further last month, when his wife's Toyota Yaris car was set alight and badly damaged outside the family home, early in the morning of Tuesday October 9.

"One of my neighbours alerted me and I managed to put the flames out myself," he said.

"But the following night, (Oct 10) at about 10pm, four of these men arrived outside my house in a white coloured Mercedes.

"They were waving knives, shouting abuse at me, telling me to come outside.

"About an hour later they came back, then again after midnight, driving up and down the road, shouting and playing loud music to intimidate me.

"They aren't just kids, these are men in their 20s."

Mr Hussain said he felt many Keighley residents were too scared to confront the criminals, while other adults refuse to get involved because their own sons are dealing drugs.

He said Keighley's community leaders need to do much more to crack down on drug-related crime, and argued that more CCTV should be installed at trouble spots in the town.

He appealed for people who have witnessed the offences committed against him and his family to contact the police.

A spokesman for West Yorkshire Police responded: “Local officers are working to support Mr Hussain and his family. Investigations are continuing into the most recent matter.”