You’ve been working out, your diet has been good, you’ve been eating healthy food and you’ve been a lot more active than usual.

You weighed yourself last week and you could see a definite change in KGs or lbs BUT today the scale is showing no sign of a ‘weight’ loss, it’s still the same or maybe it’s even telling you that you’ve gained weight.

Sound like you? DO NOT PANIC! This is totally normal and one of the many reasons scales are useless when it comes to measuring your progress! 

I personally don’t recommend people to weigh themselves daily, and in fact tell them to limit it to once every two weeks or even once a month.


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Daily weigh ins can create unnecessary stress, if you see something you don’t like it has the power to ruin your mood and therefore ruin your day. 

There are many reasons why the weight on the scale has stayed the same or even increased and most of the time (if you’re working out and sticking to a healthy diet), it has nothing to do with your ‘weight’.

Here are some of the reasons why your weight has increased/stayed the same:

1. Muscle mass
If you’ve been training hard, you’ve probably lost fat and gained muscle. Muscle does NOT weigh more than fat. However, muscle is denser than fat therefore the scales may not change, they may even increase! Get yourself on a machine which calculates body fat and use that to help you measure progress. (I use the BODITRAX machine). 

2 Time of the month
During time of the month, I always weigh 3-4lbs extra and for some women, they tend to fluctuate even more due to hormonal change. This does NOT mean you have actually gained body fat! We retain water during time of the month therefore we are heavier. This is not a true reflection of your real weight so stay away from the scales during this time! 

If your diet is high in salt, it can cause water retention and therefore an increase on the scales. Try and control your salt intake. High salt diets also appear to be linked to higher body fat percentages (in particular, the fat around your belly), so be careful!  

4.Time of day
If you’re going to weigh yourself and compare it to a previous weigh in, make sure you weigh yourself at the same time of day…without clothes on! If you are wearing heavy clothes, the scale will obviously reflect this. 

Do not go crazy on the scale, it only tells you your relationship with gravity! If you are wanting to measure your progress (fat, muscle etc), I would suggest getting on a body fat analysis scanner like the BODITRAX or DEXA. 

Don’t weigh yourself every day, just trust the process and believe in yourself. 

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