Kala Sangam presents 'Not Today’s Yesterday' - a one-woman show themed around how stories of the past are told today.

The highly topical new dance theatre production performed as a solo by dancer Seeta Patel.

The prodcution is at the Kala Sangam Arts Centre Bradford on Saturday 13 October.

Not Today’s Yesterday is a dynamic blend of classical Indian dance, contemporary dance and visually arresting set design, created by Seeta and the award-winning Australian choreographer Lina Limosani.

Not Today’s Yesterday was a recipient of the Adelaide (Australia) Artist Fringe Fund and won the Best Dance and Peace Foundation Award after its performance at the Adelaide Fringe Festival 2018.

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The underlying themes of this sharply observed one-woman show are the increase in the re-positioning of political, social and global history to make it palatable for human consumption.  

Whether it’s Brexit, the fake news of Trumpland or the corruption of many a rogue state, Patel and Limasoni ask probing questions via a mixture of movement, music and text: what is cultural identity versus perceived identity; what is one person’s version of the past compared with another’s; how does the view of history affect the view of a culture and how does the disinformation affect progress and understanding? 

Says Seeta Patel “I want to show audiences how easy it is to be sucked into a story when the narrator of the story meets an expectation and is easy to listen to and warm and welcoming. I’m interested to know about the journey they take as the tone of the work and story shifts under them. It is my hope that the show is a visual feast that allows the audience to suspend their sense of disbelief. And then leaves them with a lot to think about…”

Not Today’s Yesterday offers audiences a chance to engage in an on-going, international and relevant conversation about what’s happening in today’s arena of worldwide politics, and how it’s even more important for the millions of voices and perspectives of people to be heard, considered and acknowledged as valid with pluralistic society.

Following the performance there will also be a post-show talk which features guest speakers: Dancer/Choreographer/Teacher - Pauline Mayers who is currently Associate Artist at Leeds Playhouse, and Writer/Activist/Speaker - Suhaiymah Manzoor-Khan, a Muslim woman of Pakistani heritage from the UK who’s work focuses on politics, race, gender, Islamophobia and more.

Not Today’s Yesterday is also the first of three spectacular dance-theatre performances at Kala Sangam this season. 

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Confessions of a Cockney Temple Dancer by ALTERED SKIN and Shane Shambhu (3 November) and Ankusha and Other Mysteries by Kamala Devam Company (29 November) for just £20 (advance purchase only). 

Book in advance to save £10.

Secure your seats in advance at www.kalasangam.org/not-todays-yesterday, by calling 01274 303340 or stop by at Kala Sangam to book in person.