A HEAVILY pregnant mum fell victim to a violent car jacker as she returned to her vehicle after a shift at work.

Diba Hussain, aged 34, was pushed to the ground by a robber who drove off in her car.

Mrs Hussain, from Farnworth, had left her work and returned to her car parked on a dead-end side street near to the Microtech AV Services shop in Bradshawgate.

When she started up the engine, the seven months pregnant mother of one found she was unable to move it because the bumper had become trapped against the kerb.

Mrs Hussain got out and tried to free the car. But the thief pushed her to the ground, jumped in the car and manoeuvred it away from the kerb with such force that the bumper fell off.

His victim beat on the window, pleading with the driver to stop, but he sped away.

Mrs Hussain's husband, 47-year-old Afiz Mohammed, said: "My wife had finished work, where she is the manager of a business and went to her car, where she parks in a dead-end street.

"When she started it she couldn't move so she opened the door and saw that the bumper was on the kerb.

"A man then came around, pushed her to the ground, and drove off in the car, pulling the bumper off the car.

"My wife was beating on the window asking him to stop, but he drove off at full speed."

After the incident two members of the public found Ms Hussain and calmed her down, before phoning the police.

The couple then put Ms Hussain in a taxi home.

Mr Mohammed said: "This is a very heavily pregnant woman who was on her own. She had no phone or anything because everything was in the car and stolen as well.

"She is very distressed and has been shaken up and she did not sleep all on Friday night.

"She is not bothered about the car."

A Greater Manchester Police spokesman said: "Police were called at 6.15pm on Friday 5 October to a report of the theft of a vehicle on Bradshawgate, Bolton.

"An offender got into a gold Honda Civic while the vehicle was temporarily unoccupied, before driving away. Enquiries are ongoing."