I am one of seven sisters. My grandfather was a police superintendent in the Punjab but my dad disliked the lifestyle there and came to England to escape the violence and corruption.

My biggest influence in my life is my mum. She lost both her parents when she was two and when she married my father she left the rest of her family and came to England, unable to speak a word of English.

She not only survived, she thrived and successfully brought up seven children - pushing us to be the best we could be.

My biggest achievement has been reaching the rank of Inspector. I never dreamt that would happen. I am the highest ranking Hindu officer in the force, something I’m extremely proud of. But it’s been tough getting here.

There were often times when I felt I was treated differently to other colleagues or that I was not given opportunities that others had.

However having had that experience I decided to take on a new challenge - something completely out my comfort zone and I joined the Professional Standards Department.

The team proactively works to preventing misconduct and corruption within WM.

"This role gave me an opportunity to influence and be part of the changes needed, which was so rewarding.

I joined the Black and Asian Police Association (BAPA) because I needed reassurance and support from people who may have been through similar things to me.

Anyone working for West Midlands Police can join BAPA. They have supported members through misconduct investigations, employment tribunals, grievances and are always there for a shoulder to cry on.

My background has definitely helped me when dealing with incidents out on the street.

I find that people feel more comfortable approaching someone who looks like them and can relate to their circumstances.

We still don’t fully reflect the communities we serve and I think this can lead to a lack of trust.

I practice the Hindu faith, it gives me reassurance and guidance in my darkest moments. Hinduism teaches you to remember where you come from and to be proud of this.

I will be celebrating Diwali, the festival of lights, by visiting my family and the temple, lighting candles in my home, eating a range of Indian sweets and savouries and lighting fireworks.

Kin Devi is Reputation and Risk Manager