Self control is often something many people struggle with and eating too much can be a hard habit to break.

It can hinder your weight loss progress, healthy routines and can have a negative impact on your emotional well-being. 

So why, even when our bodies are telling us that we are full, do we carry on eating? Here are some reasons why you may be overeating: 

1. You eat trigger foods: Having a bite of something sweet or naughty often leads into more of that type of eating throughout the day.

2. You're not busy enough: Boredom =comfort eating!

3. Your diet is too extreme: Restriction = falling off track! This is where fad diets come into play, they are usually highly restrictive.

4. You're waiting too long to eat: Starving yourself is not the answer and often leads to binging.

5. You haven't cleared your cupboards: Having junk in the house is too much of a temptation!

6. You rely on motivation, not habit: Motivation is temporary, habit is constant. If I relied on motivation, I wouldn't have had a successful outcome.

7. You don't have a supportive environment: Someone fussing about you not eating all your food or eating something different to everyone else is going to hinder your progress. Surround yourself with people that support and understand.

8. Food is used as a reward and punishment: Working out everyday doesn't mean you can eat rubbish everyday and not working out doesn't mean you need to starve yourself. 

9. You let your emotions take over: happiness/sadness whatever it is, it doesn't require you to eat, just feel!


A question I get asked all the you have to eat healthy food to lose weight? You need to have a balanced diet! . If I exercise and don't change my diet, will I still lose weight? Quite simply - no!

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So, when you feel like eating, pause for a moment and ask yourself: Am I hungry? 

“Sometimes people get so focused on what they want to eat that they don’t stop and ask themselves why they want to eat, If you use food as a coping tool, you may be out of touch with the cues that signal hunger or fullness, and it’s important to bring your awareness back to your body”. 

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