Swadha’s ‘Rangapravesam’ can be summed up as an enthralling performance executed with elegance celebrating the revered classical dance form, Kuchipudi.  By Dr Priya Narayan.

The event was organised by the Abhinandana Dance academy at the Westholme school Auditorium.

Her performance was a culmination of eleven years of dedicated practice under the meticulous guidance of her illustrious teacher, Abhinandana Kodanda. Kuchipudi is a classical Indian dance style known for its unique dramatic narrations, rhythmic footwork, graceful hand gestures and evocative expressions.

Swadha has performed at various venues in Preston, Blackburn, Blackpool and Manchester for events organized by Gujarat Hindu Society, Preston Mela, Lancashire Encounter, Olympic torch procession in Preston, Nrityanjali dance festival, Blackpool to name a few.

Swadha’s performance started with an innovatory dance with holy rituals to create sanctity, followed by a prayer to Lord Ganesha. 

It was a scintillating start to the full-length solo dance performance with a total of eight dance pieces. Swadha displayed her mastery of rhythm in the pure dance sequence, Jatiswaram. 

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The audience were in awe of her stamina, flexibility and technical skills when she performed Tarangam, a unique dance in kuchipudi repertoire which included her agile dance on the rims of a brass plate.

After the intermission, she brought to life the ethereal beauty of Lord Shiva in the form of Nataraja performing his divine cosmic dance. 

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She charmed the audience with her next dance, depicting the brilliance of Lord Vishnu with poise and vigour. The traditional conclusion was yet another fast-paced vibrant dance which showcased her mastery of footwork and expressions in flawless unison.

The highly accomplished live orchestra complete with Nattuvangam by Guru Abhinandana Kodanda; mridangam (a traditional South Indian drum)by Prathap Ramachandra, violin by Balu Raghuraman and vocal by Vamshikrishna played a significant role in providing the mesmerizing experience.

After a standing ovation from the enthusiastic audience, Swadha extended her gratitude to her Guru, parents, God and all her supporters.

This event is a clear testimony to Swadha’s hard work, passion and dedication in keeping alive ancient traditional temple dance form of India.