If you have some time to yourself here is the best of Bollywood and Indian TV to catch on Netflix.


The film that got India talking about periods is now on Netflix. It's good to see a film based on a real life story that has evoked social change. The film stars Akshay Kumar and was produced by his wife Twinkle Khanna who was a joy to watch during the UK press tour. Speaking to BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire, Twinkle raised the question of why sanitary pads are taxed in many American states but not viagra. She added, “Because policies are made by 65-year-old men with erectile dysfunction." 

Speaking at Oxford, she said, "Only 12% of women in India can afford sanitary pads. The rest use rags, leaves, which leave to cervical cancer. There's a 12% tax on sanitary pads in India but brooms are tax free because apparently it's more important to keep your house clean." 

Definitely a film to add to your list.


This film addresses the sensitive issue of child abuse and the ever prevalent attitude to not speaking up. Alia Bhatt is superb in her role as the young woman kidnapped a night before her wedding, yet finds a source of solace in her kidnappers. There is no glamour in this film, and the stunning music by A R Rahman is only played in the background. No crass dance numbers adulterate this incredible film. A heart wrenching film that explores a subject that still remains taboo in many communities.


Another film that addresses issues of women's hygiene in India is a must watch. Again starring Akshay Kumar, this film tackles the urgent social issue of the lack of toilets in rural India and the dangers women face when defecating in fields before dawn.

The script is forthright and the viewer feels the frustration when the women in the film themselves are unwilling to change this archaic mind-set and are brainwashed into believing the construction of a toilet would be detrimental to their culture. Things that we take for granted are highlighted in an apt way in this film.

Sacred Games

This series is based on the critically-acclaimed best-selling novel Sacred Games by author Vikram Chandra. This mesmerising crime thriller explores Mumbai’s crime underworld. It is refreshing to see Saif Ali Khan in a role that isn’t tainted by the Bollywood format we are accustomed to seeing him in.


This new addition to Netflix is the Bollywood take on Hamlet. Bringing Shakespeare into Bollywood requires gumption. And intellect. Both of which are tangible in this film. Haider was received very well by film critics and it is easy to see why. This compelling film is bold and does justice to Shakespeare’s original.