What is it about music, about sounds that can have such an impact on our mood, feelings and even health?

Today, as the adhaan (pronounced azaan) - Muslim call to prayer, was being recited, I really listened to it, and then again, with my eyes closed and I felt the impact the words, the sound and the vibration had on me.  I felt immediately lifted; my mind was in an instant state of meditation and my heart felt elevated.

The peace I felt that radiated from my heart can only be described as pure love, as reverence.

I recalled a clip I had seen about the impact different sounds had on our mind and body related to the frequency the sound emitted.

The frequency of the adhaan is 432hz – a healing tone, where as other, modern music has a frequency of 440hz, which studies have shown as having a negative impact on the water (we are two thirds water) in our body.  

After researching this further, I discovered that music/sounds based on 432Hz transmit beneficial healing.

The greatest composers, Verdi, Mozart, based their music on 432 Hz.

This frequency resonates with nature, the universe and healing, which is probably why I was able to instantly access a meditative state.

Modern day instruments are standardised to 440Hz – but who decided this? There are a lot of conspiracy theories about this, hmmmmm. Why not 432Hz, which is more harmonious with the universe and nature…?

Music is sound, which creates waves that vibrate at a certain frequency.

The vibration created by different sounds or words can have a significant impact on the body and the mind.

Following the teachings of Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi – my spiritual teacher - mediation always followed zikr or repetition of sacred words: ‘yaheyyo yakayyum’ (The Ever Living, The Self Subsisting).

These I have recited for decades but it seems only now that the repetition of these words  seems to have a greater inner impact on my heart and mind.

As I listened to this zikr I could feel myself immersed in an immediate meditative state; but it was different; the top of my head was tingling; my heart and mind felt connected as one, synchronised and I was fully absorbed in this wonderful state.

I feel sacred words like Aum/Om (which also vibrates at a frequency of 432 Hz), like ‘ya’heyyo ya’kayyum’ as well as many others, creates a vibration, which resonates with the universe, the unseen world and creates oneness.

At the moment I feel connected, which is a rather wonderful deep feeling that is difficult to describe in words. 

The utterance of sacred words and sounds has an amplification effect on the heart and mind like no other.

Over a decade ago, I experienced miraculous healing for a condition which could only have been corrected by surgery. 

After listening to Surah Rehman (from the Qur’an) for a number of days, in a meditative state, the hernia I had, disappeared –  my doctor was astonished and couldn’t explain this.  I believe, the vibration of those words healed me.

There is so much more about sound and vibration; from binaural beats and sound baths to the sacred solfeggio tones – dating back to John the Baptist.

They are all about the vibration and energy they stimulate within us to heal, cleanse and uplift so we can explore the inner realms of the heart.