THE four men killed in the crash in Toller Lane last week had been chased by police "at speed" for 34 seconds before crashing into a tree, an inquest has heard.

Murza Chaudhry was driving a grey BMW at speed down Bingley Road just after 5.30am on Thursday, August 2, with Arbaaz Hussain in the front passenger seat, Tayyab Siddique in the rear off-side passenger seat, and Zeeshan Khalid in the near-side passenger seat.

The inquest at Bradford Coroners Court heard how the car was being driven at speed down Bingley Road when it passed two police cars, a marked car and an unmarked car, travelling in the opposite direction.

The two police cars were not said to be travelling in tandem and were merely in the road at the same time coincidentally.

When the BMW being driven by Mr Chaudhry passed them, the unmarked car turned around and pursued the BMW for 34 seconds, before coming to a bend at the junction of Bingley Road and Toller Lane, where officers found the BMW crashed into a tree.

All four men were pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics.

Driver Murza Chaudhry, 21, was born in Bradford, and died at 5.51am on August 2. He was identified through fingerprint retrieval.

Arbaaz Hussain, also 21 and born in Bradford, died at 5.55am and was also identified through fingerprint retrieval.

Tayyab Siddique, 22, born in Greenwich, London, died at 5.48am, and was identified by uncle Mohammed Ifan Rafiq by photographic evidence.

Zeeshan Khalid, 20, born in Bradford, died at 6.05am, and was identified by his father Khalid Hussain by photographic evidence.

The cause of death for all four men was found to be multiple injuries and a road traffic collision.

Assistant coroner Peter Merchant said the inquests into all four men's deaths have been adjourned for further enquiries and to allow for the ongoing investigation being carried out by police into the crash.

More than 10,000 people attended the funerals of the four men in Scotchman Road on Saturday.