What is it about being rejected on WhatsApp that makes people go a little nuts?

Like many many others on the messaging service and I am a member of several groups. We are, however, conscious of the fact that WhatsApp is the best example of human interaction in modern times.

We have also learned we have people among us who are what I would call ‘WhatsApp addicts’.

They simply cannot stay off their phones and are constantly online jumping from one group to the next.

Some of us are members of a few groups because we have to be.

Others revel in the fact that they can create groups and add others to those groups. Or send out broadcasts of things that interest them.

Others have to share and post messages on every single thing in their lives.

Unlike Facebook, WhatsApp is a little more personal and we find ourselves being bombarded with nonsense.

You could block people but we don't because we ourselves are addicts to the five percent of information that might be relevant or we may well use to re-post elsewhere.

The idea is that as soon as they find out something they have to let everyone else know straightaway.

The big problem we have is we know several people like this who then share the same bit of information numerous times. Sometimes on the same group.

There is now, of course, WhatsApp etiquette. You may find yourself on a group with friends and one of them may get annoyed and leave.

He or she then wishes to return and normally calls to ask for him to be put back on. He or she repeats this several times.

A hundred years ago we may have been sitting in some bar or in my case under a tree on the outskirts of the village and an argument would have broken out. This person would then have stormed off.

Now, a hundred years ago it would have been unlikely we would have let him back in to sit with the other folk under the tree. So, we don’t see why now in modern times I should permit this? Yet I am obliged to do so.

Even worse is the sheer indignity of being kicked out of a group. Oh, the shame of this.

We then receive the customary phone call…’Why did you kick me out?’ We did it because I am wielding the power of the admin. As the admin and we will choose who we wish to talk to.

The admin is the greatest human invention of modern times as it allows people with no real power in life to have total control. And we love it.