The Free Spiritual Centre (FSC) welcomes the Al Firdaus Ensemble who will be bringing their unique style of Sufi Music to Burnley this summer.

On Sunday 29 July from 6.30pm to 9.00pm the Al Firdaus Ensemble will also  launches their new album Nur (Divine Light) at Burnley Mechanics.

This is a special music event organised by the Free Spiritual Centre to celebrate an evening of faith and culture through songs of poetry and praise. 

The band's sound of music includes Western Classical with influences from both Celtic and Flamenco traditions with arrangements of songs drawn from a rich heritage of traditional Sufi music from Arabic, Andalusi and Turkish sources. 

The intercultural nature of their name reflects the character of the group in which musicians from different countries and cultural backgrounds are brought together with one purpose. 

Just as the musicians tune their instruments, so they need to tune their hearts to receive the inspiration of the moment and transmit that to the audience. 

The traditional Arabic term for this kind of music is sama` which could be translated as "the art of listening".

This will be a unique opportunity for both music lovers and those interested in spirituality to experience a display of international music and singing. 

This is a family friendly event which will celebrate music, poetry and instruments from across the world brought together in a mesmerising and enchanting performance. Please share the news and come along with friends and family. 

Tickets: £10 / Family of 4 is £30, these are available via the box office on 01282 664400 or by clicking here