AN England fan has spoken of his shock after a video of Muslims celebrating the Three Lion's victory was removed.

The video got thousands of views and hundreds of retweets. The video also garnered a huge amount of praise from fellow England fans.

Faz Patel (@FazPatel_MBE) who posted the video said: "I am very disappointed this video has been removed.

"Why anyone would find this offensive is beyond me? I am shocked. I woke up and found it had been removed.

"We were in the back garden with family and friends and it just showed people celebrating the victory like everyone in the country.

"Ninety per cent of the comments were all positive."

He said Twitter may have responded to complaints from those who did not like seeing Muslims celebrating England's victory.

He added: "I can't really see any other reason for it. People may have complained and the video then taken down."

Replays of the penalty shoot out and celebrations have been shown across other Twitter users feeds.

Twitter pointed to their copyright policy but did not fully explain why certain users were targeted and not others.

They said: "We've nothing to share on individual accounts - this is for the privacy and security of all users. 

"For background, we enforce our copyright policy - it is our legal obligation to do so under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. 

"We publish data around copyright requests we receive from rights holders twice-yearly in our Twitter Transparency Report.

"Users can appeal our decision via a counter-notice."

The footage from the match remains on Twitter on many different accounts and we asked Twitter why other footage had not been removed. To which they said they 'only acted on reports they received and had nothing else to add'.