A man from Manchester has taken to Twitter to share how a single Muslim mum was struggling to buy new clothes for her children and herself for Eid.

Twitter user @__salekahmed__shared the heart-warming episode saying the single mother sacrificed her own purchases after her card was declined in order to ensure she could buy clothes for her children to wear on Eid.

The man offered to pay the balance for her, however, the woman, “politely declined saying she bought Eid clothes last year for herself, so it doesn’t matter as much for this year.”

After the woman left the shop, he bought the items for her and asked for them to be delivered to her in advance of Eid.

Seeing his kind gesture, the shop owner sold the items at cost price, not wanting to make a profit on the man’s altruistic gesture.

“I was in this shop Eid shopping for my family, and in the shop was this lady with 2 young kids. The kids were running around messing about with the dolls wearing the saree’s etc.
“As I stood behind the lady while she tried to pay for her’s and her children’s Eid clothes, her card got declined.
“So she told the man to leave the shoes she bought for herself and try the card again. It got declined for a second time. She then tells the man to put aside the £8 necklace she bought and try again. It got declined once more.
“So she tells the man to leave the whole set she bought for herself. This time the card worked. She sacrificed her clothes so she was able to make sure her children have Eid clothes.
“Wallahi the love of our parents can never be matched. Only Allah (swt) can love us more.

“Anyway, I wasn’t raised to just stand there in situations like this so I offered to pay for the sister but she politely declined saying she bought Eid clothes last year for herself, so it doesn’t matter as much for this year.
“The sister left the shop and I asked the brother behind the counter if he knows her and whether she lives locally. Turns out she lives round the corner. The brother went on to tell me how she’s a single mum (I didn’t ask why).
“Still on the counter was the shoes, necklace and set the sister wanted to buy. So I told the man to pack them up and I will pay, but I wanted him to deliver it to her house the day before Eid, whenever that day falls.
“The brother then offers to drop any profit he would have made on those items and will sell them to me for what they cost him.
“That’s what you call the spirit of the Muslim Ummah.”