Huda Beauty has induced criticism after choosing to talk about women who lighten their vaginas.

The popular beauty blogger Huda Kattan shared an article on the brand’s website entitled, “Why your vagina gets dark and how to lighten it.”

The feature offers DIY advice using ingredients such as lemon juice, yogurt, coconut oil and egg white. 

The article states,“We appreciate and respect everyone’s opinions on this subject and want to express that we do not feel lightening your vulva (vagina/ lady parts/ VJJ,) is necessary.

"Our goal is to give details for those who may wish to, by sharing expert advice from a leading dermatologist. 

"We’ve seen a lot of harmful DIYs on the internet, so we hope this post provides the best information on the topic and offers safe ways for people to do this, should they wish to.

“One common question we always get asked whenever we do a DIY lightening hack, is… can you use it on your lady parts?

"To which we often answer that this area is super sensitive, and you should avoid it.

"So, we did a little digging online to find some ‘DIY vagina lightening hacks’ and then we ran them past our trusted expert, dermatologist and author of Beyond Beautiful, Dr. Doris Day. 

"Finally, we’re busting myths as to why lightning your lady parts with natural ingredients may not be working, and how you can actually improve it (if that’s what you want!)…”

The controversial article has been criticised widely on social media.

One Facebook user said,“I don't need this sort of bulls**t in my feed. Unfollowing this page, because the darkening of the vagina is the most natural thing ever. 

"And I don't want to feel abnormal because a change is happening to my privates NATURALLY and how to make it look more easy on the eye for the 'male gaze' by altering its natural course. Screw you.”

Another post reiterated the above sentiment.

“ummm vaginal lip darkening is NATURAL you dont need to make it lighter so you look like a prepubescent little girl to “appease” men who dont shave their ballsack for you anyways  🙄 or your bootyhole”

Another Facebook comment said, “You need to help women be happy with how they are. Why should women change themselves. This is not a positive article.”