A WOMAN from Manningham was 'lured' to Derby by an abusive partner who went on to murder her, a court heard.

On the first day of his trial at Derby Crown Court Atual Mustafa, 36, of Derby, pleaded not guilty to the murder of Sohbia Tabasim Khan.

Dressed in a blue jumper and jeans Mustafa shook his head as he entered his plea in front of members of Miss Khan’s family.

A provisional jury panel was then sworn in before being sent home and the trial, which is expected to last up to three weeks, was opened by prosecuting barrister Michael Auyt QC today (Friday).

The body of Sohbia Tabasim Khan, 37, was found at her home in Pear Tree Crescent, Normanton, on Saturday, May 27.

The case is also the first that will be presided over at Derby Crown Court by a High Court judge, Mr Auty said as he addressed Mrs Justice Sue Carr DBE.

Mustafa is alleged to have murdered Miss Khan at their home in Pear Tree Crescent, Normanton, between May 25 and May 28 last year - around four weeks after she moved to Derby from her home city of Bradford.

Miss Khan, 37, was one of five children, with two brothers and two sisters.

Thousands of people attended her funeral at the Jamia Masjid Hanfia mosque in Bradford last June.

Prosecutor Michael Auyt QC today opened the case.

He told the court: “The victim was a young woman. The prosecution say the defendant murdered her. She was devoted to him.

“Little under five weeks before (her death) she came from Bradford to Derby to live with him in Pear Tree Crescent.

“Sohbia Khan was vulnerable and alone in Derby. She believed she had found love.”

But in fasct, Mr Auyt continued, she had “found cruelty, derision, loneliness, violence and ultimately, tragically, her death”.

He added: “She was lured here.”

The court was told Ms Khan was a “strong, independent” and “bubbly woman”.

Mr Auyt said she was “remarkably Western” when in Bradford. He said: “She knew her own mind. She was respectful.”

Mr Auyt told Derby Crown Court that Ms Khan became aware of the defendant in 2016.

He said: “His name is Atual Mustafa. But he was introduced to (her) family by the name Asif. He claimed to be a social worker.”

But Mr Auyt told the jury the defendant’s manner “appeared to rather undermine that”.

He said Ms Khan’s family “wanted her to be happy”.

Mustafa became "increasingly controlling" in the relationship and "invaded every aspect of her life", said Mr Auyt.

She had to "look at the defendant for approval" before she bought things, he told the jury.

When Ms Khan moved to Derby in April 2017, Mr Auyt said, "her fate was effectively sealed."

The trial continues.