Channel 5 will be exploring personal stories of what it means to be black or Asian in Britain today on the 50th anniversary of Enoch Powell's infamous "rivers of blood" speech.

Rivers Of Blood: 50 Years On will look at stories of immigration and the impact the speech had on "pioneer immigrants" and their descendants.

It "tells the highly personal story of multicultural Britain over the past half-century through the eyes of several generations", the broadcaster said.

It comes as the BBC sparked controversy by announcing Powell's controversial anti-immigration speech will be read in full on Saturday for the first time, on Radio 4's Archive On 4 programme.

The BBC said the broadcast was a "rigorous journalistic analysis of a historical political speech" and "not an endorsement of the controversial views".

Channel 5's feature-length documentary, from director Geoff Small, will "explore what it means to be Black or Asian in Britain today".

Rivers Of Blood: 50 Years On airs on April 20 at 10pm on Channel 5.

By Sherna Noah