A Sikh man queuing outside Parliament was racially abused and the alleged attacked then tried rip his turban off.

Ravneet Singh, 37 from Punjab said he was waiting to enter Portcullis House to meet an MP when the assault took place.

Mr Singh told the Independent: “I was in the queue outside Portcullis House and this guy ran up to us. Just before we got to the entrance he came up to me and attacked me.

“He was pulling at my turban strongly. It half moved and I grabbed it. Before he could do anything else I shouted at him and he ran.

“He made a racist comment in another language that I didn’t recognise. He was a white man, but he didn’t sound English. He said something like ‘Muslim go back’.

Mr Singh added: “I was surprised and shocked. I pray for these racist people who don’t realise that we are all one.”

Responding to attack Bhai Amrik Singh, the Chair of the Sikh Federation (UK) said, “Sikhs are the most visible ethnic minority, especially those who wear turbans and been subject to unacceptable levels of hate since 9/11.”

“However, the hate crime action plan published by the government in July 2016 after the Brexit vote woefully failed the Sikh community by neglecting to acknowledge hate crimes against Sikhs.”

“The Sikh community were ‘invisible’ and not consulted in drawing up the plan that focused primarily on the more vocal Muslim and Jewish communities.”

“We have been waiting for nearly two years for answers and a response from government.”

“The Home Secretary and Communities Secretary will be aware of this incident outside Parliament, but we fear they will continue to turn a blind eye on attacks on Sikhs.”