A video has been shared online of a Ruqya (exorcism) performed on a couple who supposedly discovered jinns in their body after engaging in pre-marital 'sexual relations'.

The video was shared by the Umm Abdullah Official Facebook page.

It shows the couple and Umm who is joined by her husband helping to 'exorcise' the jinns. It is not clear if the couple went for help after having 'sex' or 'intimate relations' as this is not entirely made clear in the post.

Umm wrote in the post, “So I'll tell you guys what happened with this brother and sister who were more than 'just friends'. They were out together on Valentines Day and ended up doing things which they now regret and I pray that Allah forgives them both."

“This was definitely an eye opener for them and I hope it will serve as a lesson for the many people out there who are involved in relationships outside of marriage.

“There were two Jinns inside her for many years and she had no idea that they were there."

Belief in Jinns described as 'spirits or demons', is fundamental to many Muslims. Some people do look to speak to qualified Muslim individuals to 'exorcise' the spirits.

The Facebook post continues, "She experienced no symptoms of jinn possession throughout the time they were there. So anyway, as soon as they finished with the acts they were engaged in, he said 'Astaghfirullah' because he regretted what he had done.

“She then started repeating the words 'MORE OF IT' in a deep voice and her eyes turned red.

"He got scared and panicked and that was the exact moment when the Jinn which was inside her left her body to enter him.

"She gained some control over her body after a few moments by reciting Ayatul Kursi and saw him shouting those same words in that deep voice. 'More of it! More of it..i want more!' (The jinn was referring to indecent and shameful deeds).

“She contacted us right at that moment but he still hadn't gained control over his body. We sent two brothers to help her get him to us right away.

She added, "The original video is much longer but it's very hard for me to find the time to blur it all. So I compiled the necessary and most important parts just so you guys can learn from this example.

“I showed them the video afterwards and Alhamdulillah they've repented and also told me that I should share it with you all to raise awareness so you can learn from their mistakes.”