Comedian Tez Ilyas joined more than 200 guests at the Asian Image 20th anniversary dinner.

The event at the Maida Restaurant in Blackburn heard from a range of speakers who had worked with the newspaper over the past two decades and was hosted by editor Shuiab Khan.

The highlight of the night saw Tez Ilyas tackle some of the most read and popular Dear Massi letters in recent years.

Asian Image:

And in descending order here they are:

Dear Massi, My wife is hairier than I am

Dear Massi, I am a married man of three months. I had no girlfriend's before marriage so I don't really know much about women and am innocent in these matters.

Dear Massi, Is it an insult to be served Dhal?

Dear Massi, 'My in-laws behave like animals'

Dear Massi, Please can you help me? I have married into a family of animals. They behave like ‘junglee jaanwar’ (jungle animals).

My mother-in-law actually hit her husband with a rolling pin in the middle of a heated argument.

My wife and her brother just sat back and watched. This scene was nothing new for them.

I had to get up and physically intervene.


Dear Massi, Is it an insult to be served daal?

Dear Massi, My wife won't cook daal at davat's as she says it looks like we're poor or cheap.

She says guests should only be fed meat and chicken to show that we know how to entertain properly.

So when my mum called us over for dinner and had cooked daal and aloo gobi, my wife sat there in silence and wouldn't eat.


Dear Massi, He uses 'buy one get one free' vouchers on our dates

Dear Massi, I am seeing a guy who is really good looking and sweet.

But he's really cheap. He brings those 'buy one get one free' vouchers on our dates.

He never lets me order dessert.

On my birthday he said he bought me a teddy bear. He actually took one from his little sister's room and wrapped that up.

Dear Massi, He went off to a shisha bar on the wedding night

Dear Massi, I had an amazing wedding. My family spent a lot of money on it.

Everything was running fine until we left the hall.

Instead of going back to the hotel he made a stop at a local shisha bar.

Dear Massi, He is spending Christmas with his first wife instead of me

Dear Massi, I am really upset. My husband has told me he will spend the Christmas period with his first wife and kids instead of with me.

It's not fair.

We have only been married two months. I didn't even get a honeymoon as he said he was too busy with work.

And finally this letter was read by fans across the world with more retweets and social media posts than any other and it also topped Tez’s list.


Dear Massi, How can I marry a girl who doesn't use a lota?

Dear Massi, I have been going out with a girl for the last year in secret and I finally told my parents about her.

It took a long while to convince them to meet her family who actually have no issues with her dating me.