YouTuber and self-proclaimed religious adviser Imran Ibn Mansur better known as Dawah Man tore into Hijabi YouTubers and compared those that allow their wives to go online ‘as  pigs’.

The YouTuber who seeks to advise on religious affairs pointing out the un-Islamic actions of others told his followers that he also seemed to know of one guy who ‘masturbated over a Hijabi Youtuber’.

In his video Advice To Husbands Of Hijabi Youtubers he was joined by fellow ‘religious advisors’.

In the posting which was sharted on the social media channel he said, “We know that in our religion a man is supposed to be conscious of how his women are when they leave the house.

 “Nowadays we have this culture on YouTube where sisters make YouTube videos, hijabi YouTubers, and their husbands are involved. Their wives are dressed inappropriately, putting on all this makeup.

“I understand some husbands might not have control over their wives."

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Shockingly he adds, “I know a guy who watched a hijabi YouTuber and masturbated over her.

“Know that your wives are putting themselves out like that in that way and you get men that are perving over them.

“I don't know how you live in a day and age where a man is comfortable with other men looking at his woman.

“This is animalistic. This is what the pig is like. This is one of the reasons for not eating pig, because you become what you eat. 

“The kuffar, they eat the pig.”


He then goes on to give listeners an insight into the sexual behaviour of pigs.

He adds, “The pig is the only animal that will watch another male pig come and have intercourse with his pig woman. 

“He'll watch it, enjoy it and sometimes might get involved.

“The kuffar are like that. We've all been affected to some degree by the kuffar that we're around.

“Please, brothers, don't be like the pig.”

The comments were accompanied by laughter and the trio have to compose themselves to continue. However, viewers were quick to point out their disgust at the video and the comments.

Parveen Ali said, "The only kanzir here is you in the video."

Latifah Alwakeel posted, "They deserve 80 lashes for slandering women without prove."

King Shah posted, "If this is the way you choose to give dawah then you are clearly misguided and not following the ways of the Beloved Salallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam.

"You lot need to fix up and focus on your own women. Give out a proper message or then leave the rest to their husbands and how they wish to live their lives."

Mohammed Kamran was more to the point, "The guys a lunatic."

Jafrin Tabassum said, "Seriously!!! At one point I actually found you to be quite inspiring then you kept on changing. Got to a point where the very hard core attacking tone got your YouTube channel closed. And now THIS! This was utterly disgraceful, disrespectful, arrogant, and ignorant of you. You mister have lost your balance. Find your decency first."

Nadoush Alice said, "I find a lot of these men who give ‘advice’ are the ones doing everything haram behind closed doors and mistreat their wives. People need to clean up the rubbish in their own backyards first and Formost. A lot of their advice isn’t welcoming at all & it’s quite nasty."

Another viewer said, "I used to like this young scholar but this video is just so ignorant and this is not the way to give an advice! Calling another man a pig because he disagrees with what you believe is ridiculous."

Medinat Famuditimi said, "Stop putting down your fellow sisters because you think you're pious. Majority of the fitna in the Muslim world is because of men, may Allah guide us all to the right path."

Zam Jibril Misogynists posted, "In one video 😡 smh I never ever listened or cared about this idiot's lecturers 😡what I don't seem to understand is why do he always talk about women and not men?."